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Gujarat-The Growth Engine of India

The Growth Engine of India
4th Global Investor’s Summit, Science City, Ahmedabad on Jan 12th & 13th 2009.

Narendra Modi
Chief Minister, Gujarat.

“By 2010, Gujarat aims at setting the highest standards in economic and social development. By then the state will be a strategic world-class infrastructure hub with modern ports along the 1600 kilometer long coastline, emerging as the gateway of prosperous economic activities. Come, join the growth curve by investing today and reap the benefits in the golden tomorrow.”

Gujarat-The Growth Engine of India, situated at the western part of the India subcontinent, is infused with the spirit for entrepreneurship. Under the helm of its dynamic and visionary Chief Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, it has mastered an economic growth rate which is more impressive than the ASEAN countries.

Being one of the most industrialized states in India, Gujarat has a key role in driving India ahead. To witness the development that has transpired over the last few years making Gujarat truly a “Vibrant Land of Enterprise”-

Come, be a part of the Global Investor’s Summit 2009.

Fourth Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor’s Summit

For the fourth time, the Government of Gujarat is venturing into the world of business on a global level through its biennial Global Investor’s Summit in 2009 on January 12th and 13th, at Science City, Ahmedabad.

In the last six years, the Gujarat Government has prolifically attracted investors and industries to its domain through its hands on efforts and simplified procedures. The seminal Global Investor’s Summit was held in the year 2003 and was recapitulated successfully in 2005 and 2007.

Each Summit enhanced the state’s quotient of investor’s friendliness and the continual increase in the total commitment of investment figures through MoUs.

In the year 2009, the initiative that began six years ago, will be intensified and the state shall propel in to the next stage of the development process… focused and intensive growth in the socio-economic index.


With 5% of India’s population, Gujarat has 16% of industrial production. Gujarat had an annual average growth of 9% in the last 3 years and an average industrial growth of 15%.

Longest COASTLINE in India ----- 1600 Kms

Highest Number of PORTS ---------42

Number of AIRPORTS -------------13

SEZ Led Development ---------------55 SEZs

FOCUSED PRODUCT Clusters -----83

Integrated Statewide GAS GRID ---2200 Kms

World’s 3rd Largest Producer of DENIM

World’s Largest IRRIGATION CANAL (Narmada Canal)

World’s Largest Producer of ISABGUL (Psyllium Husk), Fenneal Seeds and Castor Seeds.


World’s 3rd Largest Grass root PETROLEUM REFINERY at Jamnagar.


Gujarat ranks first with a proposed investment of USD 15.6 bn in 100 projects accounting for 22% of total investment in India. –RBI (Aug-08)

Gujarat ranks first in “Regional Scoring” among 27 states in India. Gujarat offers the most favorable outlook for the growth of demand for infrastructure projects.
-Deutsche Bank Research (Nov-07)


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